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Environmental situation and countermeasures of Chinese printing industry

Date:2017-05-25 10:21

       Many printing companies still used in traditional printing process, there are still some production processes such as organic solvent evaporation, wastewater emissions caused by environmental problems. To put an end to the low-level redundant construction, and to prevent environmental pollution, and to accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, and promote the upgrading of the production process, technical equipment and products, the printing industry in China with the guidance of government departments and relevant industrial sector, has taken many positive measures. These measures include: industrial macro-control plan in accordance with government departments to develop, adjust and optimize the industrial structure; strict implementation of the environmental assessment of new projects, raise the barriers to entry of new enterprises; eliminated the backward mode of production, serious environmental pollution, energy consumption high print production capabilities, to promote the level of printing technology, product quality grade, the economic benefits of a higher level; popularization of relying on the introduction, digestion and self-innovation combined number of key state to encourage the development of new products and new technologies from radically reduce the harm caused by the traditional printing environment. Not long ago, Beijing will have a packaging printing enterprises to become the Centennial Olympic history, the first use of environmentally advanced printing technology to provide green services for the Olympic Games of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, printing services supplier. Implementation of printing inks and packaging environmental labeling product technical standards in the industry, the implementation of cleaner production audit and ISO14000 environmental management system certification in the enterprise, improve the environmental awareness of employees, to promote printing companies producing green products, to enhance their market competitiveness.
The joint efforts of relevant government departments and enterprises, the Chinese printing industry in recent years, the environmental situation has improved to some extent. The main problems: more and more outdated technology, poor management, small printing companies pollute the environment are eliminated, a number of considerable size and clean production capacity backbone enterprises have begun to emerge, industry concentration steadily improved to further enhance the capacity for sustainable development ; pace of application of information technology to transform traditional printing industry, in line with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, new raw materials began to promote the application in the printing industry; countries to strengthen the management of packaging recycling efforts to achieve waste reduction resources and harmless, the excessive packaging of goods to be curbed to some extent. In the second half of 2007, the state has increased the intensity of macroeconomic regulation and control, unveiled a series of energy saving policies and the elimination of backward production capacity. In this context, around the cost savings and process, reduce energy consumption, the development of value-added services and to achieve environmentally friendly "green revolution", has been commenced in the Chinese printing industry.
At present, China is in a stage of accelerated development of industrialization and urbanization, and bound to be a contradiction between economic growth and environmental protection issues. From a macro point of view, the environmental problems faced by the printing industry in China mainly include:
First many printing companies focus on the development of the light of environmental protection, and effective, light management, building green the creative harmony printing industry the concept has not been firmly established.
Apply to different sizes, different types of printing companies, environmental technology or product to the lack of targeted research and development, lack of integration and comprehensive application of environmental technologies with independent intellectual property rights, restricting the printing industry to solve the environmental problem. Third, the over-development of the printing industry, intense competition, lack of a large number of small and medium-sized printing enterprise profitability and insufficient investment in environmental protection, governance measures are not in place. Environmental protection has become the weak link in the healthy development of small and medium-sized printing enterprise.

The main countermeasures of the Chinese printing industry to solve the environmental problem is:
(A) In accordance with the requirements of the Chinese government put forward the scientific concept of development, printing companies to actively guide the further transformation of the concept of development, to improve the awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development of the majority of printed practitioners. Industrial policy and environmental standards must be strictly enforced, resolutely eliminate those high consumption, high emission, low efficiency of backward production capacity. Printing Industry Association to serious investigation and study, learning experience in the printing environmental protection legislation of other countries, with the Government to further improve the printing environmental standards and norms, and gradually establish the printing environmental certification system.
(B) actively promoting innovation in environmental technology, and focus on research and development of key technologies that help to enhance the level of industry, environmental and equipment. Promote the application of environmental technology R & D, both from an existing production process caused by the pollution prevention and energy savings focus, and have to start from the design of the production process and the choice of a variety of raw and auxiliary materials, efforts to reduce waste and achieve waste recycling and safe disposal. It is necessary to take effective measures to comprehensive treatment, but also to actively promote the use of various pollution-free, resource-saving printing new techniques and new technologies, new materials, from the fundamental solution to the problem of pollution.
(C) to vigorously develop the circular economy, promote clean production. The development of recycling economy is a fundamental measure to solve the contradiction between the environment and development, is a fundamental strategy in the development of solutions to environmental problems.
In accordance with the principle of "reduction, reuse, recycling," to improve the efficiency of resource use, protect the environment at the core, active industry circular economy pilot. Should take targeted measures to properly solve the environmental problems faced by the small and medium-sized printing enterprise. In this regard, some of the foreign investment in large-scale printing enterprises have been walking in the forefront of the industry, most organic waste recycling and industrial wastewater "zero emissions". To encourage the establishment or upgrade existing enterprise transformation for the extensive use of digital technology printing companies. To promote energy, water, land, materials, and comprehensive utilization of resources in the printing business, recycling efforts to achieve cleaner production.

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